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I Started Drawing In Impossible Perspectives To Change The Perception Of What You See

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I Started Drawing In Impossible Perspectives To claire’s coque samsung galaxy j3 Change The Perception Of What You See

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My name is Georgiana Tarlungeanu, and I’m an architect passionate about sketching on the spot, from reality coque samsung galaxy y young buildings, landscapes, and symbolic elements of our world. Since coque samsung galaxy a3 2015 pas cher I coque samsung j5 2016 phrase started this drawing adventure seven years ago, I have continuously coque iphone 4 metal made around 500 sketches during trips, capturing and representing amazing places along the way all around Europe.

At some coque samsung galaxy tab 3 lite disney point 2 years ago, I got coque samsung galaxy s5 mini moustache bored with keeping the real aspect of the place with its specific measurements and proportions. An idea popped into coque samsung galaxy a5 2017 oreille my coque iphone 4 rose head to start distorting and bending the reality. I wanted to coque samsung a5 eleven paris challenge the viewer mind with various types of perspectives while keeping a lot of realistic details. It makes you reanalyze what you see from a different coque samsung galaxy s6 transparant angle and question the reality you live in.

You can check out my works on the pages below, some of them more conventional than the ones that you’re about to see. And if you like them, you can buy prints on my Etsy page. Enjoy the gallery!..

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